a dream
of the drawing
for everything

Dream of the Drawing for Everything reveals the alchemy between one thing (image) and another (word); leading to a deeper relationship with the oneiric and apparent reality. This project is envisioned as a map to concentric worlds of perception; offering mundane and lofty realms as guideposts to negotiate the unseen terrains.

Dream of the Drawing for Everything is some of the collaboration between artist Nuala Clarke & writer Crystal Gandrud. Our work arises out of what dances on the edges of perception and our collective attention gravitates to the dream-like nature of human experience.

Nuala Clarke and Crystal Gandrud have been in collaboration since 2010. Their merged practices of visual and textual art unfold on a continuum, as part of an interconnected series evolving over time. Both performed “Fair Shouldered One” (a book which is not a book) at the &Now Literary Festival in Paris, 2012 and installed “Between Spaces”, a Yeats inspired dreamscape at the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, 2013.

Nuala Clarke

Nuala Clarke has been represented by Boltax Gallery in New York since 2005. Recent shows include, (2012) Amid a Space Between: Irish Artists in America at the SFMoMa Artists Gallery, San Francisco; (2013). To Tremble into Stillness, at Hamilton Gallery, Sligo; RHA invited artist, A drawing for Everything, Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. She paints in Ballycastle, Ireland.


Crystal Gandrud

Crystal Gandrud’s recent publications include “Yeastian: Numberless Dreamers”, The Encyclopedia Project, 2014, “Here”, Lost Magazine, and “Idiom: Woodbird Flies Early”, The Encyclopedia Project. She is working on a memoire, "Astonishment: A Litany of the Uncanny", for Shambhala Publications. She writes in New York City and Normandy, France.