Actually Orange - The collected work of writer, multi-disciplinary artist, Crystal Gandrud.


in collaboration with:    nuala clarke

Crystal Gandrud & Nuala Clarke ~ envision concentric worlds of perception; we use the mundane and the lofty as guideposts to negotiate unseen terrains. We mess around in the alchemy of one thing (image) and another (word). Our work arises out of what dances on the edges of perception. Our collective attention gravitates to the dream-like nature of experience.

We seem to spend a lot of time on:
dreams (obviously) and the oneiric
passport control and crossing borders
the sea, the sea
relaxation and its elusive qualities
clothes and hair
letters (both kinds)
astrology (and the pernicious trouble with the moon)
Prometheus, phosphorous, luminosity and the origins of light,
the female and the feminine
the male and the masculine
gall bladders, sweet meats and other organs

that which is nameless: the ineffable.

We strive for our collaborations to reflect:
what is right before us

the namelessly luminous

the delicate search and wait for a glimpse of the true nature of reality

the interplay of mind,

sense perceptions

and the phenomenal world

When we are doing this—preferably in the forms of beauty and questioning (and tea)—then we think maybe we are perfectly inhabiting the dream of everything, alone. Making anything is lonely. Having a collaborator doesn’t make it less lonely, but it helps anyway…

dream of the drawing for everything

An on-going web-based installation of dreams and images, with nuala clarke (Current)

Woven Found,

a commissioned public art installation, with Nuala Clarke; text and image on linen, Find Project, Castlebar, Ireland (2014)


Between Spaces,

a multi-media installation inspired by W.B. Yeats’ A Vision A, with Nuala Clarke, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, IReland (2013)

Fair Shouldered One,

a multi-media performance inspired by the paintings of and conversations with Nuala Clarke, &Now, Paris (2012)