Actually Orange - The collected work of writer, multi-disciplinary artist, Crystal Gandrud.


(Lunaria annua)


In the amazing world of Spagyric* elixirs no plant captures the imagination like Lunaria!


17th century alchemists held Lunaria in such high esteem that few plants, with the exception of Chelendonia Magus (celedine), were deemed as important. It is also sacred to the goddesses Hekate, and Diana of ancient Greece. The Kabalists believed that it holds the intelligence of the sphere of Yesod, the sphere on the Tree of life related to the moon and the astral field.

Under the governance of the moon, this beautiful flowering plant reflects all things attendant to that celestial sphere. In autumn it produces coin-like pods that shimmer like the moon, thus giving it its name. The herbal tincture is touted for its relationship to dreams and tapping into the personal, as well as the collective, unconscious.

When properly prepared in the Spagyric method, this elixir, taken before retiring, will enhance your dream state and, with some practice, offers the practitioner (you!) the possibility of lucid dreaming.

Lunaria is guaranteed to have been carefully prepared by a qualified alchemist in the traditional Spagyric method separating its three principles, and recombining them to ensure the highest quality essence.


*The practice of Spagyrics was first discovered by Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, also known as Paracelsus, the 15th century astrologer, physician, botanist, alchemist and occultist. Spagyrics is the method of separating the three principles of a plant: the Spirit (alcohol after fermentation); the Soul (essential oils); and the body (plant salts), purifying them and then recombining them to produce the highest medicinal product in the plant kingdom.